Form of Auction Entry Application

  • Company nameRequired

  • Contact PersonRequired

  • E-mail AddressRequired

  • Sales Staff


  • Category

  • ModelRequired


  • Maker

  • Start PriceRequired

  • Feature & CommentsSamples of Feature & Comments

    Please specify appealing points of your Equipment.
    Comments to be shown as they are on Website and in Condition Report
    When Comments exceed 5 lines, please enter them on Inspection Sheet and FAX(03-5763-8187) it.
  • Conditions of Equipment

    Please specify the places
    where D or E level assessment is given.Check Sheet
    (Please click from setect the category)

    • A:New or just like new
    • B:Good condition
    • C:Normal condition expected for age and hours
    • D:Workable but some repair is required
    • E:Not workable/ Major repair necessary/ Some parts missing
    • You are required to comment when the assessment is "D" or "E", however, if cares such as covering for oil leakage, etc. are needed for shipping and/or trucking, please mention such even if assessment is "C."

    See:Terms and Conditions for Entry of Equipment 3- (d).

    • When Comments exceed 5 lines, please enter them on Inspection Sheet and FAX+81-(0)3-5763-8187) it.

Entry yard & Delivery yard

  • In case that Auction Entry Yard and Delivery Yard are both Consigner's Own Yard, delivery will be conducted in terms of "Freight on Board" under Consigner's responsibility.
  • Washing of your equipment (to the level of no mud by visual inspection) before Auction Entry is requested. If mud removing/washing is necessary after the Carry-In, the costs are chargeable on Consigner.
  • We recommend Consigner conduct radiation measurement on your equipment before Auction Entry, and decontamination, if necessary.
    (If the radiation level is 0.3μSv or over, your equipment cannot be exported.)
  • When Consigner carries his/her equipment into the Delivery Yard prior to the Auction Entry, Consigner remains to be the owner until the successful sale, and he/she is responsible for the safe storage.
  • Consigner is required to carry his/her successfully sold Equipment into JEN' s Designated Delivery Yard at his/her own costs within one week after the Auction Close.

<Notes for Carry-In>

  • a)Consigner is responsible for carrying his/her equipment into the Delivery Yard, if it is self-travelling.
  • b)At the time of Carry-In of inoperable equipment, Yard Staff will basically help. However, handling ways may be different from yard to yard. Please check beforehand.
  • If you need a specific work (e.g. using a large forklift), contact us 2 working days before the Carry-In.
  • Entry YardRequired

    Delivery YardRequired

  • Please check" Important notes of the yards” Requird “ Address of Your Yard” & ”Inland Tracking Charge From Your Yard to the nearest JEN-designated Forwarder’s Yard “ if you chooes “Derively yard is Consignor yard.
  • Prefectures

  • Address

  • JEN-Designated
    Shipping Yard

    Inland Trucking Charge

  • The message of the same content will be sent to Consigner by E-mail.
  • Please attach Equipment Photos to the return E-mail. ※ (How to Take and Organize Photos)
  • After the receipt of the Equioment Photos the Auction Entry Application becomes complete.