Auction Entry Application

Applicant is required to send Photos and the Conditon Data of your equipment
by E-mail in addition to the data for the form below.
After recept of Photos and the Condition Data, Auction Entry is accepted.
About How to Photo About Condition Reports

Auction Entry Member Information

Information of Equipment to be put up

Please specify the places where D or E level assessment is given.
Near new or Rebuilt
Good condition
Normal condition expected for age and hours
Workable but some repair is required
Not workable/ Major repair is reuired / Shotage
※Feature & Comments
What is written here is shown in the "Feature" section on the website.
If there are any special points to be mentioned (good or bad), please be sure to enter.
※Assessment of Equipment
When there are many points to be mentioned, please send the Inspection Sheet together with
Photos by attaching it to an E-mail or send it by FAX (03-5763-8187).
※After we have received Photos of the subject equipmentby E-mail, your Application gets "Accepted."
YEN Estimate of Domestic transport fee to the nearest Designated Delivery yard, in case that Auction Entry Place is other than JEN's Designated Delivery Yards

After you have made the application, we will send you, by E-mail,
a temporary application form with the data filled in the form above.