Company Outline

Company Name JEN CORP.
Head Office NORI Building 5F, 3-33-10 Minami-ohi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan 140-0013
Established April 20, 2006
CEO and President Yasunori Aihara
Capital JPY30,000,000
Annual Turnover 2021Yr. 11.2Billion(JPY)
(Group Total: 22.2Billion(JPY))

 Company History

2021 JEN AUCTION - Entry number Over 50,000 items, Sales number 7,200 items
Annual Turnover: 11.2Billion(JPY)
2020 JEN AUCTION - Entry number Over 45,000 items, Sales number 7,000 items
Annual Turnover: 10.7Billion(JPY)
2019 JEN AUCTION - Entry number Over 40,000 items, Sales number 6,000 items.
JEN Search Site - Over 500 members
2018 JEN AUCTION - Entry number Over 36,900 items, Sales number 6,400 items
2017 Dec. Kikugawa Yard (Shizuoka-Prf.) Opened
2016 JEN AUCTION - Entry number Over 40,000 items, Sales number 6,000 items
2014 Nov. Published JEN Guide 2014 Edition
2013 Sep. Updated JEN Acution Site
2013 Mar. Updated JEN Search Site (for 450 Members) and starts providing "Specification data for Machines manudactured overseas"
2012 Starts providing "Manufacture Year data for Forklifts" on JEN Search Site
2010 Feb. Published JEN Guide 2010 Edition
2008 Starts providing "Stolen Machines Information" on JEN Search Site
2007 Feb. Published JEN Guide 2006 Edition
2006 Nob. JEN Internet Auction starts
2006 Apr. JCE Co., Ltd had transfered the rights of management of JCE Networks and JCE Guide to us

 Conducting various researches

Publication of books (JEN GUIDE BOOK)
JEN GUIDE BOOK contains construction machines information and year data collecting in more than 30years.
Now JEN GUIDE BOOK has been used not only in Japan but also oversea as a custom house, Customs broker and Other Auctioner.

2014 Edition…32,000(JPY)
2006~2013year、Additional information after established 2010 Edition
2010 Edition…50,000(JPY)
1966~2010year、Additional information after established 2006 Etion
2006 Edition…30,000(JPY)

Membership System
Updating Many information monthly!!
■Result of Auction
■Machine Spec
■Year Search
■Stolen Machines Information
■Impression for result of last auction
■Any other information

*Annual Contract: JPY60,000 or Monthly Contract: JPY7,000

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 Planing and Conducting of Website

Sales and Export
We can arrange shipping (export) and domestic transport.

Our Sipping agent "NORI Enterprise Ltd" will take care of your purchase(s) in JEN Auction.
  • NORI Enterprose Ltd +81-3-5763-8181

Planing and Conducting of Auction
The biggest merit of Internet auction is that you can buy (bid) and entry the machine anytime and anywhere.

Also JEN Auction member is able to participate (bid and exibit) with NORI Tender Auction and Parade Auction.

 *Auction schedule and Auction list will be updated as soon as it is decided

 Developing Software