Privacy Policy

JEN CORP. seriously takes the privacy of those who use JEN Network (called "users" below), obeys the laws concerning the protection of personal information, and pays the closest attention to the management of JEN's users' personal information.

1. Definition of Personal Information and Purpose of Its Use

Personal information refers to information about a user that is personally identifiable, consisting of one or more of the following: user's member ID, Password, e-mail address, company's name, name of the person in charge, address, phone number, fax number, bank account number, history of use/past use, and other information related to purchase of auction items. Personal information that JEN obtains is used only for limited purposes for executing JEN's business.

2. Security

JEN CORP. uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption when transmitting personal information through JEN's web site in order to protect the information from illegal accesses by a third party. JEN CORP. has physical, electronic and procedural safeguards including firewall and anti-virus devices that comply with management standard to protect personal information about users from access to, loosing, destruction, manipulation, leakage, and infection of viruses.

3. Supervising the Entrusted Business Partners

In some cases JEN CORP. entrusts the management of the personal information that JEN CORP. obtains to a business partner. Such a situation should occur, JEN CORP. concludes a treaty on necessary measures for appropriate management of personal information in terms of matters concerning maintenance and management, including protection of secrets and prohibition of reoffering personal information, with the entrusted business partner and have it obey the treaty.

4. Exemption from Responsibility

In the following cases, JEN CORP. is not responsible for a third party's obtaining of users' personal information.
(1) A user gives his/her own personal information to a third party by using JEN net service or any other services/measures.
(2) The information and alike that a user inputs for or using JEN net service happens to identify the user.

5. Use of and Access to Personal Information by Enterprises in Liaison with JEN CORP. and Sites Linked to JEN CORP. Web Site

Use of personal information collected at the web sites linked to JEN's web site, including those of the enterprises in liaison with JEN CORP. and web sites and services of a third party that have an access to JEN's web site, is no concern of JEN CORP. JEN CORP. is exempted, therefore, from the responsibility and obligations for the activities in and regulation for these enterprises and their web sites. Make sure about the privacy policy at each of these sites in person.

6. Updating Privacy Policy

JEN CORP. may revise its Privacy Policy when laws concerning the protection of personal information are changed or if the need should arise. JEN CORP. updates the Privacy Policy and puts the latest version on JEN's web site as a change occurs.

7. Inquiry about JEN CORP.'s Privacy Policy

Please contact us at the address below if you have questions about our Privacy Policy.

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Established on March 1, 2007