Member Registration for Search Site

JJEN Search Site is the "Search Engine System" to provide information via Internet, about Japanese used equipments gathered by JEN CORP.
JEN Search Site Member can search by four tools of JEN Search Site and get valuable information as much as you like during the contract period.


Summary of JEN Search Site

Search for Auction Price in Japanese Market Member can search for prices of equipments at Japan's major equipment auctions by the model name.
Search for Product Year and Full Model Name Member can search for product year and full model name by the serial number (or part of it) and the model name (or part of it).
Search for Specifications Member can search for specification chart and three-view drawing of equipments by the model name.
Search for Stolen Equipment Information Member can search for current situation or information of equipments which were stolen within Japan.
(We only provide Information gathered by us to the best of our ability and all information are not authorized or guaranteed.)

Contract Type and Member Fees

Payment can be settled by
either of following methods.
Annual Contract: Member Fee JPY60,000    Monthly Contract : Member Fee
JPY 7,000


1.Credit Cards
2.T/T We will fax an invoice for Membership Fee after your registration is completed. After our confirming you T/T payment, we will inform your ID and Password via email.
(* Transfer fees have to be born by the remitter.)