For Bidding

Guideline of Bidding in JEN Auction

The procedure of bidding in JEN Net Auction is as follows:

step1 In order to bid in JEN Auction, you need to be registered as an auction member. For registration for bidding in JEN Auction, introduction and guarantee from other auctioneers and the Security Deposit of JPY500,000 are required.(Bank Account shown below in 3.Auction result and payment) Read the following "Terms and Conditions for Bidding in JEN Net Auction" carefully and click "Agree" button. On confirming your payment, JEN completes your registration and issue you ID and Password for bidding in JEN Auction. You can start bidding right away when you receive the e-mail from JEN.
step2 To start bidding, enter JEN's Top Page and click "Online Auction Listing" to open the "Auction List." Click the photo of the equipment that you are interested in, and you will see the detail of the given equipment. If you wish to bid, click "Bid" button, or if you wish to buy the machine at the "Buy it now!" price, click "Buy it now!" button at the bottom of the detail table. For the procedure of bidding, please refer to "How to Bid" under "Bidder's Guide" on the left bar.
Contact us:If you have further questions about the bidding procedure.

If you make a successful bid, a "confirmation letter of the successful bid" will be e-mailed and an "invoice to the successful bidder" faxed to you. You are required to complete the payment within one week from the day that you receive "the confirmation letter of the successful bid." The detailed information about the payment is as follows:

▪ Only T/T is accepted for the payment.
▪ The successful bidder is to bear bank transfer fees.
▪ Bank account information
     Bank Address  : 2-3-10, Sanno Otaku, Tokyo 143-0023, Japan
     Bank Account  : JEN CORP.
     A/C No.           : 0033723 (Currency: JPY Only)
     Swift Address  : BOTKJPJT

«Be careful of the "Money Transfer Fraud cases."»
We, JEN, is using the above account as the only bank accountfor our business deals and we will NEVER ask you to transfer your money to any other bank acount.
Please call us immediately whenever you are requested to transfer your money to the bank account other than our designated bank account.
JEN CORP.: +81-3-5763-8186

step4 The ownership of the purchased equipment is transferred to you when your payment for the machine is confirmed by JEN CORP. Come pick up the machine at the NORI yard (Narita & Kobe) and a designated place as soon as possible. When you equipment locates out of designated yard, it takes few more days for making delivery.


Read the "Terms and Conditions for Bidding in JEN Auction" carefully and click "Agree" button. Member registration form will appear.