Commision, Fees and Charges

Entry Fee
  • At the time of successful bid
  • JPY10,000
  • when withdraw by same amount re-entry
    ※Not Applicable when the Starting Price is lowered by JPY10,000 or more
  • JPY2,000
  • when Sale Price (highest bid price) is JPY4,000,000.- or less
  • 6%
  • JPY4,010,000.- or more and JPY10,000,000.- or less
  • 5%
  • JPY10,010,000.- or more
  • 4%
  • Minimum Commission
  • JPY20,000
  • *If the unit require loading arrangement (immovable, box type equipment, parts, etc), it shall be billed as Commission+1%

Others Fee

(1) Inspection Fee
  • Operating Weight Under 20t and box-shaped items
  • JPY10,000
  • Operating Weight 20t and over
  • JPY15,000
  • Special Vehicles, Cranes
  • Price on Application
  • ※Consignor shall be charged with Travel fee (actual travel costs) of JEN’s Sales Staff.
(2) Washing and Repair work Charge (in place of consignor)
  • JPY6,000(one mechanic/ hour) + material expenses+ material expenses + Travel Cost
(3) Storage Charge

When Consignor has carried his/her equipment into a JEN-Designated Shipping Forwarder’s Yard before its successful sale in JEN Auction, Storage Fee for the equipment until its successful sale shall be chargeable on Consignor.

  • Parts/ Attachement
  • JPY300/Day
  • Box type Equipment ( large size is removed)
  • JPY/400/Day
  • Operating weight 5t less
  • JPY400/Day
  • Operating weight 5t up to 20t less
  • JPY500/Day
  • Operating weight 20t or over
  • JPY600/Day ~
(4) Others
  • Others (such as conducting necessary works in place of Consigner) Actual Expenses

*When planning to carry your Equipment into NORI's Yard, please consult with JEN's Sales Staff.