Category : Bull & Loader (1)

  • CL:Tue.,Sep.29
    Auction No. Maker Year Hour Delivery Yard Releasing Charge
    209K1487 CAT 1984   Yokohama Port-D
    Coming (未搬入)
    JPY 5,000
    Model / Serial Current Bid Bidder No. Bids Time Left
    BD2F / 1B201836 JPY 420,000   0 4d / 08h / 59m
    Feature &
    CNP, S/T Blade, 700LGP

To New Auction Members:
You must bank security deposit to JEN CORP by the day before the closing day of the Auction to bid in the currently-held Auction .
About Rediation:
Equipments have already undergone the Radiation Examination. However, we don't give any guarantee for it because it is possible that there is a margin of error for value of radiation depending on checking environment. If you need a certificate, Additional Charge is Required.