Security Deposit

It requires secuity Deposit to participate in the JEN AUCTION.

  • Needs to be 10% or over of the planned purchase amount (minimum JPY500,000)
  • There shall be no interest yielded for the Security Deposit.
  • The Security Deposit shall guarantee the debt the Member may owe JEN Auction (Including NORI Auction) through participating in our Auctions.
  • The remaining amount of the Security Deposit shall be returned to the Member after it is applied to the outstanding amount the Auction Member owes JEN (Including NORI & JCRA Super Auction), when the membership is canceled.
  • If the outstanding debt balance of the withdrawing member is larger than the amount of the Security Deposit, the member is solely responsible for clearing up the debt within seven working days.
  • JEN will be exempted from returning the Security Deposit, when no application for return has been made within three years from the date of Membership Cancellation.

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. Omori Branch
Bank Address: 2-3-4, Sanno, Ota-Ku, Tokyo, 143-0023,JAPAN
Account Number:7878231 Account Name: JEN CORP. Swift Code: SMBCJPJT