Narrowing Down Target Machines


About Selections (★)

  • After Login and when you click お気に入りtop to item photo, the mark turns toお気に入りand the item is added to "Selections".
  • When you have bid on an item, the mark お気に入りappears and the item is automatically added to "Selections".

How to Narrow Down Target

When you click, only Selections Items (★) are shown.
(2)Result of Selections
After Auction Close you can see the results of your bidding on the items. (For 8 hours after Auction Close)"
(3)Category List
Search Item by Category.
(4)Item Search Display Setting
Search Item with Model name, Auction No., and Delivery yard.
  • "All" will show All Items. (Just the same as "All" on the Category List)
  • "New Today" will show only the items just uploaded the very day.
  • "End Soon" will show only the items whose auction close the very day.