How to Log-in & Bdding

(1) Enter your ID and Password to Login.

Enter your ID and Password on either "Items List" Page or "Item Details" Page.
After successful Login you can start bidding.


(2) Bidding

Now you can bid from "Item List page" and "Item Detail page""
Click Button with "+" sign and "Increment Money Amount" to fix the Bid Price and then click "Bid" Button.
(At this point Bidding has not yet been completed.)


(3) Confirmation Page

Confirm Your Bid Price on this page again and click "Confirm Bid" Button.


(4) Bid Status page

If you turn out to be the Highest Bidder.


When you want to bid on another item, go back to the Items List Page by clicking "Back to Previus Page".

If you are NOT the Highest Bidder.


Will be displayed When not the highest bidder Click "Back to Item Details and Bidding" and please bid again.
When we have accepted Your Bid, we will send you "Bid Accepted" e-mail.
When you have got OUTBIDDEN, we will send you "You were OUTBIDDEN" e-mail.