Bidding Style

Bidding Up Style

Ours is a Bid-Up-Style Auction.:
Plural bidders bid up the price of each item and the Highest Bidder at the Auction Close becomes the Winner. When plural bidders bid on the same item immediately before the Auction Close, the Auction for the subject item is extended automatically.

Automatic Extension of Auction

If a Bid is placed when ther remaining time is 3 minutes or less before the Auction Closing Time, Auction will be extended for 3 minutes. After the first extension, if a Bid is placed when the remaining time is 2 minutes or less before the Extension End, another 2 minutes extension will follow.

AUTOBID (Automatic Biddimg)

Bidder can place the Bid with Maximum Price out of Bidder's own budget any time in prior to the Auction Close. The Maximum Bid Price entered by the Bidder is NOT shown to other bidders.
The item can be won at less than the planned maximum amount of money as long as the subjet price is not surpassed by those of other bidders. When Bidder wants to bid on plural items, Bidder can manage to bid on each item more easily by using AUTOBID when Auction Close draws near.