Contract fee and Charges

  • (1)Contract Fee of JPY10,000 / item is chargeable on every purchased equipment.
  • (2)When the Delivery Yard is a JEN-Designated Yard, JPY5,000-JPY30,000 must be paid for Releasing Charge.
  • (3)Carry-Out Operation Charge may be chargeable in addition to Releasing Charge depending on kind or condition of Equipment.
  • (4)When it is more than three weeks from the Auction Day before the Equipment is carried out, Storage Fee at the Delivery Yard for the period after the three-week time point shall be chargeable on Successful Bidder(JPY300/Day~JPY600/Day).

Notes regarding the above (2) and (3) are given under "Releasing Charge" and "Feature" on the Items List. Please check before bidding.