Other Fees and Charges

  • (1)Contract Fee of JPY10,000 / item is chargeable on every purchased equipment.
  • (2)If you don't pick up a unit within two weeks after Auction close date (Purchase date, the Storage Fee will be required.
  •  This fee cannot be exempted, reduced or discounted, because we temporarily pay instead of you to our associated yard in advance.
    Storage Fee Table
    Parts/ AttachmentJPY300/Day
    Box type Equipment (large size is removed)JPY400/Day
    Operating weight 5t lessJPY400/Day
    Operating weight 5t up to 20t lessJPY500/Day
    Operating weight 20t or overJPY600/Day∼

  • (3)When the Delivery Yard is a JEN-Designated Yard, JPY5,000-JPY30,000 must be paid for Releasing Charge.
  • (4)Carry-Out Operation Charge may be chargeable in addition to Releasing Charge depending on kind or condition of Equipment.

Notes regarding the above (3) and (4) are given under "Releasing Charge" and "Feature" on the Items List. Please check before bidding.

Contract fee and Storage Fee