How to Take and Organize Photos

Take the Photos

Please be sure to take Photos of malfunctioning points of your Equipment. Maximum number of Photos is 70.
Section Details Standard Number of Photos
Appearance Diagonally from right front, left front, right rear and left rear.
Features (if any).
Engine Radiator, Oil leak, Water leak, and Blow-by etc ~10
Upper Sturacture Working-units, Operation-Device, Mater, Hydraulic-system ~20
Swing Device Swing-table ~5
Under Structure, under-carriage Track-frame, Travel-device, Shoe, Roller etc. ~20
Extra Parts/Attachment Parts, Attachment etc. 5~
Plate, Engravd ~6

Arranging the Photos

1Import Photos to PC and Reduce Photos

・Make folders for each equipment in your PC in advance
・Import in the folder to photo of equipment
・Reduce their size by a software on the market (or free software)
Free Software Homepage for your information:


2Select the Photos in the folder by the section (Whole Body, Engine, Upper Structure, etc.).

※Select Photos with pressing Cntl Key + mouse clicking.

3Give each of the group of Photos (selected by the section) file name of "a", "b", "c" and so on.

※By pressing F2 Key (Change File Name), it is possible to change the file name of a group of photos.


4Compress arranged Photos by the folder (by the equipment). (right-click)


5Send the compressed file by attaching it to a return E-mail in reply to the temporary Application Form JEN sent you

Samples of Photo

Excavator Crawled pdf
Wheeled pdf
Wheel Loader pdf
Bull & loader Bolldozer pdf
Loader crawled pdf
Crane Crawled pdf
Truck pdf
Ragthterraine pdf
Spider pdf
Others pdf
Road Equipment Roller pdf
Asphalt Paver pdf
Motor Grader pdf
Forklift Forklift pdf
Box-type Equipment Generator pdf
conpressor pdf
Welder pdf
Aerial Platform Crawled pdf
Tyre pdf
Vehicle pdf
Others Vehicle pdf
Off-Highway Truck pdf
Drill(Crawled) pdf
Carrier Dump(Crawled) pdf
Carrier Dump(Wheeled) pdf
Combination pdf
Lawn mower pdf
Sweeper pdf
Snowplow pdf
Golf cart pdf