Claim History

Complaint Successful Bidder of D155 at JPY2.75 million contacted us saying that their prospective buyer refused to buy the machine and Bidder now wanted to cancel the purchase. We contacted the 2nd Highest Bidder and he told us that he would buy the machine at JPY2.45 million. We requested the original Bidder to pay the amount of Price Difference but the original Bidder said that he could pay only JPY200,000.
Response We collected JPY200,000 from the original Bidder as Cancellation Fee and paid JPY100,000 (out of JPY200,000) to the Consigner.
Complaint Buyer contacted us saying that the Pump of the Backhoe broke during its trucking after the carry-out from the yard. Buyer asked if something can be done by us.
Response Told Buyer that since the item is a used one, we cannot respond to oil leak, rupture of hoses, etc. after the sale.
Complaint Overseas Buyer complained that there was a crack in the Boom Bracket of each of the two mini Shovels and there had been no such mention in the Condition Report.
Response As a result Consigner and Buyer will jointly bear the cost of purchasing the parts and they will be shipped with the next cargo.
Complaint Overseas Buyer purchased two Container Soreaders. One of the Serial Numbers in the Condition Report was wrong and Buyer requested a discount.
Response Buyer purchased at the original price.
Complaint Buyer mistakenly bid on the item.
Response Bidder agreed to pay JPY100,000 for cancellation of bidding. We offset this amount from the security deposit and returned the rest.
Complaint Consigner mistakenly put up in the Auction a small Shovel which had been already sold. The Shovel ended up being purchased in the Auction.
Response Received a penalty for the breach of contract from Consigner and payed the money to Buyer.
Complaint The power of the purchased small Tire Shovel was weak and Buyer took it to the Maker for check up. It turned out that the overhaul of the Ejection Pump was necessary. Buyer contacted us to see if some of the repair charge could be shared.
Response The condition of the Ejection Pump had been overlooked in the inspection. JEN offered to bear JPY43,200 out of the total Repair Charge of JPY199,800 and Buyer agreed.
Complaint A Mini Backhoe was purchased but Consigner said he could not deliver it. (Inability of changing ownership)
Response Collected Penalty of JPY 149,800 (5% of the highest bid price) from Consigner and paid JPY100,000 to the overseas Bidder.
Complaint Buyer complained that the Attachment which had been shown in the photo on the Auction List was missing.
Response Consigner had mistakenly uploaded the photo taken before removal of the Attachment. After learning the intension of the Buyer, Consigner discounted JPY100,000 from the highest bid price.
Complaint Delivery Yard contacted us saying that an inoperative Backhoe had been carried into the yard in a dangerous condition with its Bucket/Arm/Boom not fixed. Washing had not been done either.
Response As the Condition was just as it had been in the Photos, Buyer agreed to pay the washing fee and working expenses.
Complaint Through the inspection at the Port it was found that the Radiation Level of the Backhoe was over 0.3μSV. We told Buyer that we would like to cancel the sale. But the Buyer had a customer to resell the item and said he was planning to ship it in his responsibility.
Response After Consigner washed the item, the Radiation Level lowered and now Consigner decided to cancell the sale and is to take it back from the Port in his responsibility.
Complaint Overseas Buyer contacted us saying that a mini Backhoe had arrived but the engine did not wotk.
Response This was caused by mistakingly omitting "Engine Not Working" from the Condition Report. Buyer accepted JEN's offer to pay him JPY150,000.
Complaint Buyer complained that the Attachment he purchased had been welded at many places, but there were not approprite photos when it was in tbe Auction. The Buyer wanted to cancel the purchase.
Response Consigner confirmed his responsibility and accepted the return of the item.
Complaint Consigner told us that the mini Backhoe he had put up and had been purchased in the Auction was the backhoe which had been already sold to someone else.
Response Collected a penelty from Consigner and paid it to Buyer.
Complaint Overseas Bidder mistakenlly bid on an item (320D).
Response Handled the case by collecting Cancellation Fee of JPY232,500.
Complaint Buyer contacted us at the time of Auction Close saying that he wanted to cancel the purchase of the Backhoe.
Response Sold the Backhoe immediately to the Buyer who offered the second highest amount. We requested the difference of JPY250,000 between the originally highest bid price and the second highest bid price as Cancellation Fee from the original Buyer.
Complaint Buyer said that water was leaking from the Radiator.
Response Notified Buyer that this time Consigner was ready to pay for the cost, but the equipment in the Auction is a used one basically, therefore, Buyer should be aware of the risk of water leak/oil leak when bidding, and that if it is not permissible, Buyer should refrain brom bidding. JPY100,000 was paid to Buyer.
Complaint Consigner said that out of his two Backhoes, he had mistakenly put up in the Auction the one which had already been sold. Unfortunately this backhoe was purchased in the Auction.
Response Handled the case by collecting a penalty from Consigner and paying it to Buyer.
Complaint Domestic Buyer carried out the Backhoe from the Delivery Yard and when it was about to be loaded onto a ship, Oil Leak from Oil Cooler happened. Buyer said, "Oil Leaks from other parts were indicated and there was no special caution about the leak from the Yard Staff, so I didn't think the condition then was so severe. Can you help me?"
Response Answered, "We cannot respond to sudden Oil Leak, Rupture of Hoses, etc. since the items are used ones."
Complaint Documents for the Rough Terrain Crane did not reach JEN and we had to ask Consigner why and found out that Consigner had only a copy of the Vehicle Inspcection Certificate.
Response Decided to bring the sale to a Cancellation. If the same kind of case happnes again, we will reequest a penalty.