Guide for Auction Pages

See "Narrowing Down Target Machines” Page
(6)Data sort
Rearrange Items by clicking "▼""▲"
(8)Equipment Photo
"Click" and go to "Item Details & Bidding Page".
Please "Click" if you want to see "Item detail & Bidding Page"
(9)Bidding Status
"You are currently the highest bidder" or "You are not the current highest bidder. Please bid again" message is displayed
(See "How to Log-in & Bidding" page)

(10)Download Photo
Download photos of necessary items to your PC before Auction Close.
(11)Condition Report
Please be sure to confirm the contents of the Report BEFORE bidding.
(12)Feature & Comments
Important and/or special condition of item, releasing charge, special work charge, etc. are mentioned Please confirm them BEFORE bidding.

※Bid items and items registered in the Watch List can be viewed for 8 hours after the Auction Close.Other items become inaccessible at the Auction Close.

< Bidding>

(13)Enter your "Login ID" & "Password"
※ Even if pressing "Enter Key" you havw Not Logged in YET.

(14)After you have confirmed the "Current Price", Please click "Log-in & Bid".
Now you advance to the "Confirmation Page.

< ※Bidding by AUTOBID (Automatic Bidding System) >

(14)You can "Book" your maximum terget price by clicking "+" & "Bid" Button

  • Note: you cannot lower the price, once you have set it.

(15) < Button >

Back to Previous Click to return to the previous Page
Back to List Click to return to the Auction(All) List Page
  • (16)Please confirm that the Model and Serial Number of the item you bid on, your Bid Price and your ID are shown.
  • (17)When you want to cancel the bidding, click "Back to Previous Page" Button and go back to Item Details and Bidding Page.
  • (18)When the information is correct, click 'Confirm Bids' Button.
    ※Please note that Bidding is NOT COMPLETED UNLESS "Confirm Bid" Button is CLICKED.

Will be displayed When the highest bidder
When you want to bid on another item, go back to the Items List Page by clicking "Back to Previus Page".


Will be displayed When not the highest bidder Click "Back to Item Details and Bidding" and please bid again.